B.Ed. Melayu Language

June 26, 2016 (Admin) Sub-Program

Name of the Degree

Bachelor of Education (Melayu Language)
B.Ed. (Melayu Language)



Number of Credits

Not less than  -  credits

Curriculum Format

Format : Undergraduate Degree 5 years
Language Used : Thai Language and Melayu Language
Admissions : Thai students and international students who can speak Thai and Melayu Language
Co-operating Intuitions : -
Degree for the Graduate : Provide only one degree

Career after graduation

- Melayu Language Teacher


http://human.yru.ac.th/melayu_ed/ (Thai)
http://human.yru.ac.th/melayu_ed/bm (Bahasa Melayu)
http://human.yru.ac.th/melayu_ed/en (English)